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Ultraviolet Warning System

Mar. 15, 2021

For a long time, missile warning equipment has been using radar warning technology and infrared warning technology. With the development of ultraviolet technology, it has gradually become a missile warning method. Ultraviolet missile warning technology has the characteristics of low false alarm and wide monitoring range, which improves the accuracy of early warning capability.

Infrared warning technology uses 3-5μm infrared band for mid-infrared warning and uses 8-12μm for far-infrared warning, which adopts multi-band composite warning. The ultraviolet warning system realizes the alarm by detecting the ultraviolet radiation of the plume of the missile. Among them, the imaging ultraviolet warning system adds an ultraviolet filter and an ultraviolet window, which enhances the resolution and has the ability to detect multiple targets.

The imaging ultraviolet detector receives the ultraviolet radiation signal better through the objective lens (combined by a plano-concave lens and a double-convex lens) and the ultraviolet filter. Then the signal becomes an image through photoelectric conversion and enhancement. Finally, it performs information. The ultraviolet filter suppresses visible light and ultraviolet light. The optical filter is made of an optical window plated with an interference film. The ultraviolet window is responsible for the transmission of ultraviolet radiation. The commen glass does not transmit ultraviolet light. Common materials of ultraviolet window include UV-Transmitting Glass, Synthetic Silica, and Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2). Among them, magnesium fluoride(MgF2) has the highest transmittance of UV windows.

In addition, the photoelectric composite warning system also uses ultraviolet technology. The photoelectric composite warning system uses composite detection and analysis of different wavebands such as ultraviolet, laser, and infrared to accurately detect. The photoelectric composite detector receives the light radiation through the same optical system to converge and separate different radiations. Then the radiations are sent to different filters and distribute to the detectors. After the processing and analysis of detectors, the information is obtained.

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