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Structure and applications of ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometers

Aug. 20, 2020

UV/VIS spectrometry is a qualitative, quantitative and structural analysis method established based on the absorption characteristics of material molecules to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 200-760 nm. Light with long wavelength has low energy. Light with short wavelength has high energy.

Optical elements in the UV/VIS spectrophotometers

plane mirrors, spherical mirrors, optical filters, interference filters, optical gratings, optical prisms, plano-concave lenses

Optical system of UV/VIS spectrophotometers

The composite light emitted by the tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp passes through the optical reflector and the incident slit, and enters the monochromator. The monochromatic light diffracted by the optical grating is focused by the collimator lenses and converges through the exit slit. When the light beam reaches the chopper, the light for a period of time becomes the reference light path. The light for another period of time is transmitted as the sample light path. The last two lights alternately illuminate the detector. The optical reflector reflects light to change the direction of the light path. The filter eliminates the interference of stray light.

Principle of Spectroscopy

Spectrophotometric measurement is the measurement of the degree of absorption of radiation at different wavelengths and specific wavelengths by substance molecules. The absorption spectrum of a substance is essentially that the molecules and atoms in the substance absorb the light energy of certain specific wavelengths in the incident light. Since various substances have different spatial structures, their absorption of light energy are not same. Therefore, each substance has its own fixed absorption spectrum curve, and the content of the substance is judged or determined according to the absorbance.

Main applications

Quantitative analysis, Qualitative and structural analysis, Research on reaction kinetics and Research on solution equilibrium.

Practical applications

Measure the chromatism of colored drinks, the content of food additives, the protein content in dairy products, the degree of fermentation of fermented products, etc.

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