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Sapphire Series Processing of Optical Lenses

Jul. 18, 2023

◢Advantages of Sapphire

Sapphire, also known as synthetic sapphire, is widely used in beauty instrument light guide block, handheld ice hair removal light guide block, and various optical components. Sapphire has good thermal conductivity, good electrical properties and dielectric properties, and is not easy to corrode, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transmittance, good chemical stability. It can be used for optical components, infrared-transparent optical window piece, infrared and far-infrared military equipment, but also can be used as a window of high-power lasers, a variety of optical prisms, optical windows, UV and IR windows and lenses, high and low temperature experiments of the observation port, and in the navigation of aerospace instrumentation and so on, has been fully applied.

◢Sapphire Glass Applications

The application of sapphire glass is becoming more and more widespread, with the increase in production and price reduction, its high hardness and good impact resistance whether it can be more used in electronic products, especially in the aesthetics, heat dissipation, radiation, wear-resistant and other aspects of the application of the promotion is worth exploring.

Natural sapphire is blue because it is mixed with titanium and titanium-based small sapphires, and in addition to the common blue color, there are also green, yellow, and pink colors. None of the glass synthetic sapphires have such a wide variety of colors. Synthetic sapphire crystals will have a light pink color, but after modification, the pink color cannot be seen, and the finished sapphire glass screen can be transparent for a variety of applications.

The real component of sapphire is corundum, also known as aluminum oxide, mostly used in sandpaper grinding wheels and such industrial grinding field. And sapphire glass, is corundum made of glass. From the current technical point of view, directly to the sapphire glass for cell phones or flat panel of the main screen, the price is high, drop resistance will also be affected, in order to wear-resistant and other excellent performance in exchange for sapphire glass cost-effective very suitable to become the center of the debate.

1. Characteristics of Sapphire Glass

The biggest advantage of sapphire glass is that it is hard, and because it is hard, it is resistant to scratches. Compared to ordinary glass, sapphire glass reaches the strength of Motleri 9. Apart from man-made hard materials, only diamond is harder than it in nature. However, sapphire also has disadvantages, namely higher brittleness and poorer impact resistance, in addition, the price of sapphire glass is higher than chemically tempered glass. This is also a disadvantage of sapphire glass.

Sapphire Series Processing of Optical Lenses

◢Sapphire Material Series of CLZ Optical Co., Ltd.

CLZ Optical Co., LTD. has been manufacturing and trading Optical Lenses for many years such as spherical lenses,cylindrical lenses,optical windows,optical prisms and so on. Sapphire substrate are also suitable for these products. 

CLZ Optical Co., one of China's leading optical manufacturing companies. We manufacture a wide range of optical components for many different fields like lndustrial Laser, Consumerproducts, Environmental Monitoring, Photography and Aerospaceand R&D.We provide service of custom OEM.Main products are spherical lenses,optical windows,optical prisms,cylindrical lenses,optical mirror.Many kinds of substrates available such as optical glass,fused silica,silicon,sapphire and so on.

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