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Do you Know the Properties and Applications of Fused Silica or Quartz Glass?

Jul. 22, 2020

As a Fused Silica Supplier, share with you.

Quartz Glass

Quartz glass is an extremely versatile material made use of in a variety of various applications. It has superior thermal buildings, excellent optical transmission, with excellent electric as well as rust performance.

Manufacturing of Fused Silica or Quartz Glass

There are 2 standard ways of making quartz/ silica glass:

By melting silica grains either by gas or electric heating (the kind of home heating affects some optical buildings). This product can be clear or, for some applications, opaque.

By synthesising the glass from chemicals

The Distinction in between Fused Silica as well as Quartz Glass

This synthetic product, normally described as synthetic fused silica, has far better optical buildings and is somewhat more pricey than the other type.

In the UK, terms such as quartz, silica, fused quartz and fused silica often tend to be used reciprocally. In the U.S.A., quartz refers to product melted from grains, silica describes the artificial product.

Fused Silica Mirrors

Fused Silica Mirrors

Benefits of Fused Silica/Quartz Glass

The advantages of fused silica or quartz glass consist of:

Extremely thermally shock immune (can be drawn from red heat as well as plunged into water without fracturing).

Reduced coefficient of thermal development.

Optical transmission homes from ultra violet to infra red.

Excellent chemical resistance.

Exceptional electric insulator.

Applications of Fused Silica/Quartz Glass.

Applications of fused silica/quartz glass consist of:



Mirror substratums.

Crucibles, trays as well as watercrafts.

UV transferring optics (synthetic fused silica).

IR transferring optics.

Metrology parts.

Characteristic of fused silica:

A variety of special optical, mechanical and also thermal buildings have made quartz glass a crucial product in the construction of sophisticated items.

Amongst these are:

high chemical pureness and resistance

high softening temperature and thermal resistance

reduced thermal expansion with high resistance to thermal shocks

high transparency from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral variety

high radiation resistance. Our company also has Fused Silica Mirrors for sale, welcome to consult us.