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Optical System Requirements When Using Optical Instruments

Apr. 26, 2019

As a Spherical Lenses Manufacturer, we have summarized the optical system requirements for optical instruments in use as follows.

1. Basic characteristics of the optical system

The basic characteristics of an optical system are: numerical aperture or relative aperture, linear field and field of view angle, magnification and focal length of the system. In addition, there are some characteristic parameters related to these basic features, such as the size and position of the pupil, the back working distance and the conjugate distance.

2. The boundary dimension of the system

The boundary dimension of the system refers to its lateral and longitudinal dimensions. When designing complex optical systems, the calculation of the boundary dimensions and the optical connection between the light groups are important.

Optical Glass Lenses

3. Image quality

The quality of the image is related to the use of the optical system. Depending on the application, different optics can have different requirements for image quality. For telescopic systems and ordinary microscopes, they only require imaging quality of the center field. But for photographic lenses, they require an entire field with good image quality.

4. Conditions of use of the instrument

When there is a requirement for an optical system, we must consider the possibility of achieving technical and physical achievements. If the magnification of the biological microscope must meet 500NA ≤ Г ≤ 1000NA, the telescopic magnification of the telescope must take into account the limit resolution of the telescope system and the eye.

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