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Optical Part Processing Method

Mar. 14, 2019

As a Silicon Domes Manufacturer, let's introduce the processing methods of optical parts.

Optical processing can be divided into thermal processing and cold processing. Cold working is the sawing, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and centering of the parts. Today, we are going to share with you the related technologies and methods of centering and edging of optical parts processing.

The centering of the optical parts is determined by the fact that, for circular optical parts, the size of the side cylindrical surface meets the assembly requirements; for a spherical lens, the alignment of the two spheres (optical axis) and the axis of external symmetry (geometric axis) Deviation (center deviation c: cross center deviation and parallel center deviation).

Optical part processing lens centering method: optical centering method (surface reflection like centering method, projection image centering method, spherical center reflection image centering method), mechanical centering method and photoelectric centering method. Let's take a look at these methods of centering.

Optical Part Processing Method

1. Lens surface reflection image centering method: This method is real image and has low precision.

2. Projection centering method: The essence is to observe the focus image of the centering lens with a microscope, and the precision is low.

3. Ball-center reflection image centering method: The essence is to use a self-collimating microscope to observe the number of beats of the cross-hair image on the reticle, with high precision.

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