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Optical Glass Processing Technology And Development Direction

Mar. 18, 2019

As a Silicon Domes Manufacturer, let's analyze the optical glass processing technology and development direction. According to the development law of optical glass itself and the actual needs of society, we should focus on the following aspects in the future:

1. Improve and develop colorless optical glass

Continue to improve and develop LaK, LaF optical glass, thermo-optic stable brand and flint optical glass series; development of variable refractive index glass and optical components; exploration of water-containing glass and its applications.

2. Research and development of laser technology glass of a specific nature

Development of low-F laser glass for high-power laser systems, such as fluoride glass; research on phosphate-based, improving quantum efficiency, reducing loss and obtaining repetitive laser glass for laser processing, ranging, etc.; In the inorganic glass, visible and tunable laser glass and laser system are produced.

3. Research glass for microelectronics and electronic computers

Development of large-scale integrated circuit base glass with uniform optical, ultraviolet ray transmission, less defects, and flatness; bases with various special optical properties, such as glass-ceramics, to study secondary electron-emitting materials.

Optical Glass Domes

4. Development of new infrared optical glass and fiber

Development of glass systems for infrared imaging series; infrared glass for high temperature resistant, high strength oxide systems for spacecraft; fluoride and sulfur based infrared glass for fiber materials for infrared transmission.

5. Light color glass

The main development of AgX-type light-colored glass, on the basis of the existing, adjust the basic composition of the glass, the type and concentration of photosensitizer, improve light responsiveness and contrast, will be widely used in display technology and devices.

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