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Optical domes in the Remotely Operated Vehicles

Jun. 06, 2020

Because of the requirements and characteristics of underwater imaging, the applications of optical domes are becoming more and more extensive, especially for Remotely Operated Vehicles(ROV). With the years of production experience, CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. provides you with high-precision glass domes, which cover for use in harsh environments such as underwater, high temperature and high pressure. In addition, other custom optical components are also provided, including optical lenses, optical windows, optical mirrors, etc. At the same time, we coat custom optical components (dielectric coatings or metal coatings).

The characteristics of undersea environment

v Due to the color of water, the color of the object may have deviations during the photography.

v When the light in the water passes through the window, the final image may occur other aberrations and damage the quality of the image.

v As the depth of the water increases, the pressure increases also accordingly.

v Due to the chemical elements, temperature, oxygen content and other factors in the water, underwater environment will corrode the material.

Why are glass domes popular in underwater applications?

v The shape of the glass domes enhances its strength to withstand high temperature and high pressure.

v The shape of the glass domes increases the width of the field of view, reduces internal reflections and helps correct aberrations which generated, when light passes through the two media. Besides, optical domes also obtain imaging results that cannot be captured by the glass windows.

v Glass material is more practical than polymethyl methacrylate (PMMC). Glass material is resistant to corrosion and scratch.

v Compared to the ordinary glass windows, the streamlined shape of glass domes reduce the resistance in the water while remotely operated vehicles operate, which is conducive to the movement and operation of underwater robots in the water.

Remotely operated vehicles are widely used in underwater operations, such as hydrological surveys, a search of minefield, operations of bay safety, environmental monitoring, detection of aircraft wreckage, maritime rescue and search, fishery operations, scientific sampling and mapping, oil drilling, etc. In these applications, it is essential to use glass domes. CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. provides you custom optical domes that meet your applications, with professional knowledge of production and years of experience. If you have any questions or need of optical components, please contact