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Do you know the Grinding Technology and Classification of Optical Lens?

Jul. 14, 2020

As a Dome lens Manufacturer, share with you. In the process of aircraft global lapping, the uniformity of splashing disc wear is very closely pertaining to the lapping top quality of the optical lens. Based on the analysis of the movement regulation of optical lens in planetary the grinding procedure, the computation version of work surface trajectory as well as rate under differential gear train condition is developed, as well as the simulation program of MATLAB is established.

Optical Glass Lenses

Optical Glass Lenses

According to the spooky features of tinted optical glass, it can be separated right into 3 groups.

1.1 Cut-off glass

The name of glass is revealed by the transmission limit wavelength of glass, which is split right into five groups as well as 35 brands. As an example, the transmission border of glass is 490 nm.

1.2 Neutral glass

Glass is called after the very first letter combination of its Chinese phonetic alphabet. The serial number is revealed by the average transmission ratio of 400 to 700 nm when the thickness of glass is 2 mm. If the average transmittance of 2 mm thick glass is 70%, it is named ZAB70. There are 10 brand names of this sort of glass, of which the wavelength series of ZAB65, ZAB30 and ZAB5 is 440-660 nm.

1.3 Discerning absorption glass

According to the shade or use of glass, it can be split into 14 categories, amounting to 72 brands. Glass is organized by serial number, which has no unique value.

Combining with the manufacturing practice, the track as well as rate of work surface movement under the problem of global gear train are simulated, and the impact regulation of the speed proportion of grinding machine on the wear uniformity of grinding disc is determined. When the speed proportion is I1 <-1.5, the trajectory of the optical lens is spread out around the washing disc in a fairly short time, and the lapping disc is evenly used. The handling effectiveness and quality are high. Based on the simulation results, excellent quality optical lenses with thickness uniformity less than 0.002 mm as well as parallelism less than 0.002 mm were gotten by enhancing the procedure specifications.

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