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Do you know about Silicon Spherical Lenses?

Sep. 09, 2020

As a Silicon Domes Manufacturer, share with you.

Custom Silicon Spherical Lenses

Custom Silicon Spherical Lenses

Silicon (Si) is one of the hardest IR materials offered for use in between NIR/IR in between 1µm to 6µm. Transmission starts to reduce in between 6-10 µm to zero and after that enhances to over 50% between 50-100 µm.

Silicon lenses have transmission of just over 50% between the 1 to 6µm and also over 50µm to over 100 µm, so antireflective finishings are suggested for enhancing transmission.

Silicon has a high refractive index of around 3.4 but less than germanium. Silicon has reduced thickness so perfect for much less weighty lens layouts between 3-5 µm.

Silicon is usually used as lenses in the 3 to 5µm (MWIR) waveband, and additionally as home windows and also optical filter substratums within this band as 3 to 5µm which is essential for the detection of sources radiating at a black body temperature of 700K, such as mortar fire or as the muzzle flash sniper rifles. Silicon additionally has a high thermal ability so is an excellent choice for usage in laser mirrors.

Silicon lenses are normally made use of in the 2-7µm range, perfect aspect for IR LED applications, high thermal conductivity and also reduced weight are thought about as critical attributes in boeth IR and also FTIR systems with refractive index 3.4 throughout the range. Silicon windows can be utilized as high reflectivity mirror for lasers and also IR viewports.

If a spherical lens is merging, it includes favorable focal size, the picture will certainly be genuine and the alignment upright. The center of a converging lens is thicker than the side, and rays alongside the primary axis are assembled towards the primary emphasis.

Splitting spherical lenses are thinner in the center as well as thicker toward the edges. Since identical rays diverge as they go through the lens, they seem to find from an online focus at a factor prior to the lens (adverse focal length). We call this focus online because the light does not really travel through it, and a picture will certainly appear inverted.

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