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How to Maintain the Laser Lenses?

Sep. 13, 2021

Laser lenses play an important role in laser systems, where the laser light path is changed by the refraction of the lenses. As a optical lenses supplier, I will introduce to you the maintenance of the laser lenses.


Different laser technologies use lasers with different optical designs. Commonly used optical components in laser technology include biconvex lenses, plano-convex lenses, laser protection windows, 1064nm laser grade lenses, 1064nm laser grade narrow band filters, laser grade mirrors, prisms, etc.


Silica Laser Lenses

Silica Laser Lenses

1. Focusing lens is fragile, so it should be careful not to use too much force when disassembling and assembling, and not to collide with hard objects. The laser lens surface has a permeable film, so it is required to provide dry, de-oiled air in the work, please use the recommended cleaning equipment and cleaning methods when cleaning.


2. Laser equipment must be guaranteed to have sufficient air pressure when working. Before work, you can put your finger into the focus mirror outlet (air nozzle) to check whether there is gas blowing out and whether the air pressure is sufficient.


3. Before you start the machine for the first time every day, please take off the lens barrel with the focusing lens and observe whether the focusing lens is contaminated. Focusing lens cleaning principle is: no pollution as far as possible do not clean, there is pollution need to clean in time.


4.Cleaning steps of the Laser Lenses

①. Loosen the fastening screw, remove the air nozzle and lens barrel in turn; first blow the dust on the surface of the lens with a balloon;

②. If you really need to clean the lenses, use only laboratory grade paper soft cotton balls, dip them in an appropriate amount of acetone or high purity alcohol and gently rub them clockwise from the center of the lens rotating towards the edge. If necessary, both sides of the lens should be cleaned and scrubbed with care.

③. Install the lens barrel and air nozzle, adjust the focal length, and tighten the fastening screws.


5. If the focusing lens is polluted too seriously or not effectively cleaned for a long time, so that it cannot be cleaned, or if the focusing lens is detached, the focusing lens needs to be replaced.


6. Generally, the focal length of the 2-inch focusing lens (reflected in the distance from the upper surface of the processed part to the bottom of the air nozzle) is about 6~7mm, and the user can get the most suitable focal length after adjustment according to the actual situation.


7. Keeping the focus lens clean is a strong guarantee of cutting and engraving ability and effect. 

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