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What are the Advantages and Uses of Sapphire Optical Glass?

Apr. 09, 2020

As a Dome Lens Manufacturer, share with you. Windows play an important role in optical systems, not only to maximize transmission and reduce reflection but also to protect optical systems and electronic sensors from all objects in the environment. when environmental conditions are too harsh, optical windows need to enhance their performance, which means choosing materials with excellent durability. Step into the sapphire. 

Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows

Why use Sapphire Windows? sapphire (Al2O3) is a very durable crystalline material, second only to diamonds in the hardest natural matter ratings. optical assemblies made of sapphire in a comparable transmission range are known for outstanding performance and durable products such as fused quartz and quartz. This is why sapphire is a material in great demand: compared with other optical materials, the extremely high mechanical strength surface hardness and structural integrity excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance from ultraviolet to mid-infrared extremely wide optical transport band can withstand temperature up to 2030 degrees Celsius chemical properties inactive, except very hot caustic soda, almost all chemicals have resistance to high thermal conductivity, at low temperature than copper sapphire window what effect? because of its high structural strength, the sapphire optical window can be made thinner than other optical windows, thus increasing the transmittance. sapphire optical window can be used in a wide wavelength range of 0.15 to 5.5μm and can resist darkening of ultraviolet radiation. applications such as high temperature, high pressure, high heat load, scratch resistance, wear resistance, corrosive atmosphere and low friction must be considered, all of which are suitable for sapphire windows. furnace viewport, diving type ROV, gas and oil analysis, bar code readers and infrared analysis equipment are usually used sapphire windows. from an industry perspective, the military and defense, space, medical, and research sectors naturally tend to sapphire windows because of their extraordinary performance and reliability in critical mission applications. Our company also has Plano Convex Lenses for sale, welcome to consult us.