Optical Windows

Optical Windows

Optical Windows are flat, plane-parallel plates that are often used as protective barriers for electronic sensors or detectors from outside environments. Optical Windows should be selected based on the material transmission or mechanical properties of the substrate. Optical Windows do not cause change in the magnification of a system.

CLZ Precision Optics’ Optical Windows are offered in a variety of substrates, such as N-BK7,H-K9L, B270, Borofloat, Silicon (Si), UV Fused Silica, Sapphire. Multiple anti-reflection coating options are available for the Ultraviolet (UV), visible, or Infrared (IR).


Optical Filters are used to selectively transmit or reject a wavelength or range of wavelengths. Optical Filters are used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, clinical chemistry, or machine vision inspection. Optical Filters are ideal for life science, imaging, industrial, or defense industries.

CLZ Precision Optics offers a variety of Optical Filters for many applications, our Optical Filters use colored glass materials from China. They have excellent performance and good price.


Optical Windows and Optical Filters Manufacturing Specifications:


Diameters ranging from 5mm to150mm with precision tolerances.

Thickness tolerances ranging from ± 0.20mm to ± 0.020mm (specific tolerances determined by customer)

Parallelism of < 10 arc seconds

Surface accuracy of 2λ, λ/4, or λ/20 (depending on part geometry)

Surface quality (scratch and dig) of 10/5