Optical Domes

Optical Domes

Optical Domes are essential components in deep-sea equipment inspection and underwater robotics. These domes are designed with two spheres, one on top and the other at the bottom, to create a fully sealed enclosure that allows cameras and sensors to capture high-quality images and data from deep underwater environments. The domes are made from a variety of materials, including optical glass, fused silica and sapphire, which are chosen for their robustness and optical clarity.

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Optical Domes

The top sphere of the Optical Dome is designed to be flat and optically clear, giving an unobstructed view of the underwater environment. This allows cameras and sensors to capture images and data with high resolution and clarity, providing crucial information to scientists, researchers, and engineers. The top sphere can also be coated with anti-reflection coatings to minimize reflections in underwater photography, thereby improving the light transmission and clarity of the image.

In conclusion, optical domes are essential components in deep-sea equipment inspection, and underwater robots used for scientific research, oil and gas, and military applications. The optical domes are made from optical glass, fused silica, and sapphire depending on the depth, pressure, and resistance level required for a particular underwater application. No matter the material used, Optical Domed offers clear optics for high-resolution images and data to be captured to analyze various underwater phenomena.

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Type No. Data sheet MaterialDiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit PriceQty Volume pricing ava alable for 10+,please add to quote.
CLZ-DOME-25 PDF > Fused-silicamm 4mm 3mm 2mm 1mm
CLZ-DOME-30E PDF > - - - - -
CLZ-DOME-50A PDF > - - - - -
CLZ-DOME-75A PDF > - - - - -
CLZ-DOME-75B PDF > - - - - -
CLZ-DOME-100B PDF > Fused-silicamm 4mm 3mm 2mm 1mm

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